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25 August 2014 @ 12:56 pm
New photos & little advertising  
Dear krakkos, you know, of course, how difficult to find English translation of Kra's lyrics, and other languages translations are rather more hard to find. So my friend levittra_hazard and I translate Keiyuu's beautiful lyrics into Russian. Here is link to our community. Also there are some other jrock bands, so if you have interest - take a look.

And I brought a bunch of new photos to you, enjoy~ :3
 photo 20140811_kra_02.jpg

 photo o0800106713022970110.jpg photo o0800106713022970109.jpg photo o0800106713024352945.jpg photo 862542591.jpg photo o0480064013023715339.jpg photo o0480064013026989450.jpg

 photo o0480036013030090250.jpg photo o0800066413031323348.jpg photo o0480064013030090255.jpg photo o0480064013030090245.jpg photo 863036605.jpg

 photo o0800060013031263782.jpg photo o0412110013031640867.jpg photo o0480036013036170089.jpg

 photo o0800106713037257756.jpg photo 10608116_269807346548124_31044187_n.jpg photo o0800106713036867219.jpg photo o0480064013043607615.jpg photo BvOW4yeCIAABBRQ.jpg photo BvQFrXyCIAIpauy.jpg photo o0800080113039163866.jpg

 photo o0800060013044683364.jpg photo o0480064013045509561.jpg photo 864448714.jpg photo o0800106713045496910.jpg photo kDQfJvFq.jpeg